David Blaine Street Magic

Street magic trick methods to empower you with the secrets and knowledge to do versions of David Blaine's best magic.

Anti Gravity Thought Transition
Restored Note Card Thru Window
Voodoo Ash Hand Sandwich
Mind Read Vanish Card
Morph Match Criss Angel
Psycho Kinetic Card Morph
Super Speedy Fly Res
Soda Trick Levitation
Spirit Writing Anti Gravity
Spoon Bending Card Snap
Jimmy Kimmel Mystic Money
Telekinetic Cig Self Tying Laces
Cell Phone Trick Business Card
Criss Angel Arm Twist
Morph Solid Super Ketchup Levi
Psycho Kinetic Changing Card
Head Thru Shirt Criss Angel Melt
Ace Shake 2 Card Monte
Jump Match Super Ketchup
Vulcan Trick Coin From Air
Straw Illusion Break & Restore
Magnetic Finger Criss Angel
Money Maker Coffee To Coins
Missing Link Money From Air
Card In Lemon Cig Vanish
Mind Read Hot Shot Jump
Linking Mints
Mind ReadTrick Calendar Magic
Coin Thru Can Orange Trick
Psychic Coin Chicken Trick
Coin Squeeze Bill Switch
Rubiks Cube Secret Coin Thin Air
Chrono Card Rip Phone Book
Criss Angel Trick

David Blaine is one of the worlds top street magicians and has presented a few great television specials where he not only demonstrated some great examples of street magic card handling but also some great feats of skill. Look out for these in your TV entertainment listings.

The following link shows the crazy card trick that amazed Harrison Ford on the "Real Or Magic" television show.

David also had a very succesful appearance on television where he performed a disappearing card trick for Jimmy Kimmel.

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