Go Bananas Trick

Don't Be Fooled By This Fruity Trick's Simplicity, It Really Works !!!


An unsuspecting spectator peels a ripe banana only to find that the banana is already sliced inside its skin and falls apart into pieces ???

You Need: A ripe banana, a safety pin

How to prepare for this entertaining prank:

Look for one of the ridges that go lengthwise down the side of the banana. Then insert the safety pin in one of the ridges until you can feel it hit the skin on the other side of the banana

The safety pin can now be wiggled from side to side, slicing the banana, still inside its skin.

This move should be repeated at approx one inch intervals down the length of the banana

The prepared banana can now be left beside some other fruit or on a table waiting for someone to come along and peel it. See the surprised look on their face as the ripe banana falls into neatly cut pieces.

Tips :

This trick works best with ripe bananas as the banana flesh is usually softer and easier to slice and also the outer skin is usually more colorful which makes it easier to disguise the small needle holes.

Take care when using the safety pin. This part is best done by adults. Kids should ask an adult to pre slice the banana with the pin, for them.

Remember to remove the safety pin from the banana.

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