Almost Perfect Card Trick

The spectator is given a completely free choice of card. This card is memorized by them and kept secret. A few clearly presented moves later, the cards ??? have amazingly revealed the spectator's secret card. Absolutely baffling card prediction trick for you to learn here.

This easy do do card trick is called "almost perfect" as to attain the realms of pure perfection would take hundreds of hours of hard grueling practice. This trick in comparison is very close yet can be learned very quickly and with a little practice it can be a trusty standby for you to use as an impromptu trick whenever the opportunity occurs.

Accomplished magician "A Million Card Tricks" explains the routine with bundles of enthusiasm in a very clear video instruction magic tutorial below. Remember to follow the three simple rules explained in the video and you will have at your disposal, a very impressive card trick.

Performance: Your spectator is shown 8 face cards.

They are to secretely choose one and memorize it, keeping it a secret from the magician

The cards are then split into 2 piles and the spectator asked if they can view their card.

This is repeated a further two times before the cards make an astonishing revelation

*Cards are presented to spectator. Remember to keep the cards in "CHASED" order i.e. Clubs, Hearts, Spades and Diamonds as shown in photo.

Cards are shown here out jogged ready to be pushed into two columns

Cards have been compressed into two columns and you can now proceed to swivel the top cards over your index finger. Details are demonstrated on the video demonstration.

: This card conjuring trick can have an amazing effect on your audience as they did not reveal the secret cards to anyone. This close up magic trick can be enhanced a lot by some entertaining chat by the magician .

.Remember the next three steps as explained in the video i.e. whether to put each pile on top or bottom depending on the spectator's answers. Remember these steps and you are well on your way to mastering this fantastic trick.
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