Enchanted Phoenix
Card Trick Explained

A real gob smacking card trick to learn where a secret card appears to glide up through a sealed box of cards ???

High entertainment value magic where a spectator chooses card from the deck. Their card is then freely inserted back into the deck by them and the deck is then put back inside the card box which is then closed.

The magician then holds out the closed pack at arms length in front of the spectator and while mumbling some magic words, commands the spectators card to rise up through the pack like a phoenix from the ashes,

Amazingly the spectators card slowly begins to rise through the pack. the card is then plucked from the deck and is presented to the completely amazed spectator

This super card levitation magic trick uses only a simple adaptation to a playing cards box and requires only a pack of playing cards.

This is great example of close up magic and is a favorite trick of a lot of good table magicians. This page contains step by step photos

Prepare the card box by cutting a rectangle shaped slot in one side of the box as shown in the photo.

This side of the box should be kept out of view of the spectator which should be easy enough to do.

Spectator is offered a free choice from pack.

The deck of cards are first fanned out and the spectator is given a free choice of card to pick.

The card should be memorized and placed back in the middle of the deck

The card now needs to be controlled to the bottom of the deck

Spectator places card back on top of pinky break.

Simple way to to this :Hold open the deck for the spectator to place their card back in.

Maintain a pinky break which spectator will place card on top of.

Place cards above break on table.

Square up deck and cut top half (above pinky break) on table and then place rest of cards on top of this.

Place cards in box and close flap, makins sure to leave spectator's card on other side of flap.

Spectator's card should now be on bottom of deck. Pick up cards and place them inside the prepared card box.

Make sure that the spectators card is at the side of the box with the slot cut in it. Close box. and use flap to separate spectator's card from rest of cards.

Hold out card in front of spectator and push up card with thumb.

Hold the box out in front of spectator while chanting some of your finest magic words. Now slowly push up the bottom card by pressing your thumb against it through the open slot in the cards.

Your spectator should be suitably amazed.

Spectator's view of their card rising from the deck.

This shows the stunt being performed from the spectator's viewpoint.

Practice the trick in a mirror so that you are sure that your thumb is hidden from their view and also get angle right so that from the spectator's viewpoint, the card appears to rise from the center of the pack

A simple gimmick allows an impressive card through deck levitation. The pay off from a little practice time is the satisfaction that you get by watching your audience's look of astonishment.

Tips :This street magic style rising card trick gets a good response but can be greatly improved by an entertaining performance and chat by the magician.
Practicing the timing and smoothness of the card moving up from the deck should pay dividends by enabling you to present a polished performance.

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