Four Card Fortune 

An incredibly easy to do and entertaining card trick that will leave your spectators trying to figure out the secret.

Effect : Spectator shuffles the deck which is then shuffled a second time and split into two piles.The magician is able to announce the fourth card in one of the piles after being told the correct answer by a card from the other pile ???

This card trick is easy to learn and has great entertainment value. It requires a couple of relatively easy card sleights and a little bit of cunning and then you are all set to deliver a brilliant performance.

This cheeky trick can usually be repeated a few times one after the other to the same spectator who usually end up more baffled each time you do it

The easiest way to explain the prediction trick is by watching the performance and tutorial on the video below .

You may already know the basic sleights being used in the trick. If not they are reasonably easy to learn with a little practice. The riffle shuffle in the video looks impressive but the trick will work just as well if you are using a simple overhand shuffle.

This stunt goes to prove that an easy trick, performed well can be very effective at impressing your audience.

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