Morph Through Solid Object Trick Explained
Morph Thru Object Trick
The ability to walk through a solid object, leaving it intact, would seem to defy the laws of physics. On this page you can learn the secret of how a version of this feat appears to have taken place.
Effect : The magician ( in this case, Criss Angel on one of his TV specials ) gathers a small audience around him to witness a seemingly spectatcular feat.

 He then proceeds to enter a small shop and after showing that the shop is fronted by a solid glass window, has a small section of the window covered with a small sheet of paper by a couple of helpers.

We then watch in amazement as he appears to moph through the solid glass and appear in whole, on the outside of the shop. This is all done in front of his spectators who look on in amazement.
Method : The first video below, shows the trick being performed.

I am pretty sure that there were not any oscar acting awards won by the spectators for the screening of this stunt.

Even so this is a pretty convincing scenario. The second video shows an explanation of the workings of the trick by the Masked Magician.
The next video shows how the illusion can be done with the help of some assistants. However, you have got to admire the ingenuity of the trick. A fair bit of preparation, but the results look pretty impressive.
There are many other entertaining magic tricks with high production values. When appreciated as forms of entertainment as you can see from the example above, they appear to do a good job.
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