Color Mind Reading 

Here's a cool mind reading challenge to try out. You will need some help from one of your friends who will be in on the act.

This one can really fool people as there seems to be no way that you could possibly know what your spectator's chosen item is.

A volunteer from the audience is asked to think of an object in the room and whisper it to your helper.

Your helper then asks you if several objects are the ones that the volunteer is thinking about.

Amazingly, you, the magician appear to correctly choose the volunteer's object every time.

You Will Need :

A colleague who is in on the act.

How To Do The Trick :

The secret to this mind reading trick is that your helper will always ask you if the volunteers chosen object is a colored object immediately before asking you the actual chosen object.

i.e. "Is it the door ?" No. "Is it the table ? No " Is it the red coffee mug" No "is it the wall painting ?" Yes

The method looks surprisingly simple. Indeed it is. You will be surprised just how effective this trick actually is.

It can be performed at home, in a bar or restaurant, its also a good ice breaker at parties.

You can also enhance the impossibility of the trick by leaving the room until the volunteer has chosen their object, after which you can then be called back into the room.

Feel free to add some patter to the routine such a summoning the forces of magic to help you visualize the chosen object in your mind.

The possibilities are only as big as your imagination

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