Double Draw Prediction

A Knockout prediction trick where a deck is split between two spectators. They then secretly choose and swap a card with each other. The packs are then reshuffled but even all this action can not hide them from your magic powers of perception !!

The pack needs to be split up into cards which have flat edges on the top part of their numbers in one pile and cards that have rounded edges on the top part of their numbers in another pile.

Examples of cards with rounded edges are shown in the photo  below.

Llikewise, the next  photo shows you some examples of cards with flat edges on on the top part of their numbers

OK, once you have the deck separated into two halves you can use an easily visible card such as the ace of spade to separate the two halves.

This should allow you to spread through the deck and split it into two halves when you locate the ace.

Once you have split the deck into two halves. Hand each half pile to a spectator.

Ask them each to remove a card from their pile and hand the card to the other spectator. These cards are not visible to the magician who should be facing away from the spectators.

Each spectator can now shuffle their pile of cards before handing it back to the magician

Now is your moment to shine !!

The magician now shuffles through the deck, appearing to be concentrating hard.

Two cards are then chosen from the deck and shown to be the spectators secretly chosen cards.

This fascinating trick is relatively simple when you know the secret. the fact that the cards appear to be totally random is due to the fact that they are mixed into flat and round corner order.

The cards that the spectators chose are easily found and selected by the magician as they will be the only card of the opposite type in that half of the deck.

The trick would also work if the pack was split into red and black piles but then the method would be easily revealed. Thanks to magic Kevin for his assistance with this crowd pleasing trick.

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