Anti Gravity Ketchup

Amazing but incredibly easy trick, where you command a ketchup sachet to rise and fall, inside a bottle at your command with a simple hand motion. Very visual and amusing levitating trick.

You Will Need:- A clear plastic bottle such as one that has been used for soft drinks or mineral water. You will also need a condiment sachet, these are usually found in fast food outlets.


1)Take the label of the bottle so as to make the contents clearly visible.

2)Fill the bottle, near to the top with cold tap water.

3)Insert the sachet into the bottle, it should float at the top of the bottle.

4)Holding the base of the bottle, as if to steady it, apply gentle squeezing pressure to the base.

The increase in pressure inside the bottle should cause the sachet to float slowly downwards. Releasing the grip on the bottle will allow the sachet to float magically upwards.

5)To make the sachet stop in the middle of the bottle, you need to apply just the right amount of pressure, this can be found with practice.

The beauty of this magic style trick is that the audience are completely unaware of the technique as their attention is drawn to the motions of your other hand, beckoning the sachet to rise and fall as if by magic.

Add an interesting line of patter and you have a great impromptu levitation trick that is easy to set up and can be used in a wide variety of places or as a pub trick.

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