Pull Finger In Two Illusion

One of the most popular and entertaining magic illusions I can remember, while growing up was the one where someone would appear to pull their thumb apart and then reattach it to their hand. This fascinated me for years until I eventually figured out the secret

Effect:The magician appears to grab one of their thumbs and detach ot from their hand. The thumb is quickly stuck back on the hand and is in perfect condition again

Equipment Needed : Two hands and a little practice

Method:This clever illusion is accomplished with a little sleight of hand and entails using both your thumbs

The thumbs are bent and and held together to look like one thumb, which then appears to be pulled apart. The join of the thumbs is hidden by your other hand

The video, below, explains and demonstrates the workings of the illusion. Have fun with this little magic gem.

Don't forget to practice the angle that this prank is performed at in relation to your audiences view. This is where some practice in front of a mirror to perfect your angles, comes in really useful.

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