Rising Matchbox

This is an easy bar trick where you command a box of matches.

Effect: A matchbox amazingly stands up on the back of your hand, entirely by itself.

You Will Need :

A matchbox

How To Do The Trick :

Place matchbox on back of hand, leave drawer slightly open.

A matchbox is placed on the back of the magicians fully out stretched hand as shown on the left. Make sure that the drawer is left open a little but do not draw attention to this.

Close drawer, pinching a fold of skin.

Pretend to adjust the position of the matchbox while at the same time discretely close the drawer, making sure to pinch a fold of skin in the drawer.

Clench fist which will pull up the matchbox vertically.

Now wave your free hand over the matchbox and at the same time fold your fingers of the hand balancing the match box, into your palm to form a clenched fist. This action will have stretched the skin, pulling the matchbox into an upright position

You can now have some fun challenging your friends to copy this stunt. They will find it impossible unless you choose to let them in on the magic secret. This trick can be used as a bar bet trick to maybe win yourself a few beers.

*** If this trick failed to impress you, then crank up the volume and visit the Crazy Matchbox Trick page for some crazy action !!! ***

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