Acrobatic Matchbox

Learn this amazing acrobatic matchbox trick where a matchbox appears to do some acrobatics and turns all on its own.

This is a stunning magic trick to do with a matchbox. The match box is laid out on your flat palm. It then proceeds to move and turn as well as open and close, all by itself.

This all takes place right in front of your spectators in clear view, which makes the stunt even more amazing.

The tutorial video below shows the trick being performed.

This follows with an explanation of the materials needed and easy method to perform the trick.

This usually makes for a good trick to be performed in a bar where a matchbox should be a reasonably common item to find.

This great trick requires just a few easily found items and a little practice


1) Can be performed right in front of spectator
2) Very portable. Easy to carry around and perform at a moments notice.
3) Good ice breaker.

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