Wobbly Coin Trick

Effect:The spectator is shown a coin, which can be examined by them to show that it is made of solid metal. The coin is then shown to bend back and forward as if it is made of rubber.

It can be examined immediately to prove that it is still a genuine coin before being made to bend again. All this happens right in front of the spectator which makes it a very convincing illusion.

Preparation:For this trick you only need a coin. Larger coins tend to work better as the movement of the coin is more easily seen

Method:The magic instruction video above shows the trick being performed and then follows with the easy explanation.

Although the secret move to perform this optical illusion coin trick is relatively simple, you may benefit from practicing the move in front of a mirror to get an idea of what the spectator's view is like.

This will allow you to decide the best speed to do the trick to maximum effect and leave yoiur audience a little baffled as to the seemingly impossible stunt that they are watching.

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