Anti Gravity Water Trick

You amaze your audience with a seemingly impossible feat where a bottle of water seems to defy gravity. This is cool close up magic.

Effect :The magician presents a full bottle of water of which a little is poured out to show its all real. The bottle is then turned upside down right in front of the spectator and amazingly, no water pours out ???

To really reinforce the magic effect, the magician then proceeds to insert some toothpicks into the neck of the bottle which are clearly seen to float up through the water inside.

The video above, shows the performance of this close up magic trick and follows with a tutorial on how to perform the trick.

Highlights :

Can be performed almost anywhere there are some easily available items around.

Good ice breaker for a bar.

The little preparation that is needed to perform this magic is time well spent as this trick can look really baffling to your audience.

This cool trick goes to show that with a little practice to polish your performance and a few easily found items, that it is possible to demonstrate some really cool tricks to your audience and friends.

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