Three Card Showdown 

Learn this amazing card sleight trick where you appear to know exactly which cards the spectator will pick, even before they do.

The three card showdown trick looks really impressive as the spectator appears to have a completely free choice of cards.

To make this stunt even more amazing is that the magician is forced to make their choice of card BEFORE the spectator has even chosen a card.

To predict one card would be impressive. Two would be quite unbelievable.

And three ! What would the odds be ???

Learn how to do this cool magic trick by watching the free magic trick video tutorial on this page. It shows the trick being performed which is followed by the annoyingly easy method to perform the trick.

This great sleight requires only a deck of cards and is a useful trick to use in close up magic and street magic.

The sleight can also be incorporated into many other illusions.

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