Stunning Dollar Bill Magic Trick

Stunning money bill trick that should have your spectators staring in disbelief

Don't underestimate the stunning effect that can be had from a well performed magic trick with a few easily found items. A good example is shown below where your audience can view a spectacular effect which appears to defy the laws of physics, performed with two money bills.

Let the magic begin :The video below, shows you the money bill magic trick being performed and then goes on to explain how to do this seemingly impossible trick. The example in the video is done with dollar bills but this illusion can be performed just as easily with money bills of other currencies as well. You may find that this illusion works best with newer notes as they are more rigid and do not bend as easily as older more worn ones.

As with most tricks, remember to put in some practice before performing this in front of your friends and audience where the reaction you get should be well worth the time and patience that you spent practicing.

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