Squeeze Coin Vanish 

Here's an easy to learn coin vanish trick that makes you look like you have super human strength

Take this opportunity to learn another cool coin trick to your repertoire of magic tricks. This one is easy to learn and looks very convincing as it is a good example of close up magic with the audience being right next to you and convinced that they are able to view your every move. Watch the video below.

Effect:A coin is placed into your open and visibly empty hand

Closing your fist around the coin and visibly putting some effort into squeezing hard, the hand is re opened to reveal that the coin has vanished ??.

This trick looks graet and is easily accomplished with the help of a few easily found materials. A little practice with this one should see you able to perform it confidently and start rumors of your mighty iron grip and super human strength ( Erm, well maybe not but it looks pretty impressive anyway ).

The magic tutorial video below, shows the trick being performed and then follows with the explanation. The trick benefits from a couple of trial runs in front of a mirror as you need to exercise a little care with the spectator's viewing angles with this one.

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