Slap A Card Trick
This is a really cool card reveal trick where a secretly memorized card is revealed with a slap.
The deck of playing cards are fanned out in front of your spectator and they are given a free choice of card to pick and memorize.
The cards are then squared up and then held open for the spectator to place their card back in the pack as shown in this photo.

Obtain a pinky break on top of bottom pile when offering the person to place back their card.
Next, put the top pile back on top of bottom pile. Two packs are easy to seperate due to pinky break.

Break not visible to spectator due to view angle. Take the top pile and place it on table. Now take the bottom pile thats in your hand and place it on top of the previously bottom pile
Looks like shufffled the deck to lose their card. Their chosen card is now on bottom of the pack. Place the top pile back on top of bottom pile.

Now ask your spectator to curl their first and second finger and hold deck firmly between these two fingers.
The magician now announces that they will will use the enchanted deck Now, slap the deck in a quick downward motion a few times until only one card remains sandwiched between the spectator's fingers. This card is turned over and is revealed to be their chosen card to their amazement.
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