Rub A Dub Vanish 

You amaze your audience with a seemingly simple yet very effective two part card change and card vanish routine.

Effect:The magician is seen holding out a face down deck of cards. The top card is turned face up for you to memorize. The card is then flipped back over on to the table where after being given a gentle rub with the magicians hand, it appears to have changed into another card ?
To add a second level to the trick, another card is slid off the top of the deck and is again given a rub by the magician where it appears to have visibly vanished into the table.

This magic instruction below here, clearly shows you the trick being performed and then continues with instructions on how to perform the trick yourself.


Can be performed almost anywhere at a moments notice.

Good ice breaker for a street magic performance.

The little preparation that is needed to perform this magic is time well spent as this trick can look really baffling to your audience.

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