Rising Dough Magic

A cool trick which lends itself to being performed at a dining table or in a restaurant. Great for livening up the atmosphere at a table when the conversation is starting to get a little boring.

Preparation :All you need is a cloth napkin, a bread roll, a knife and fork and a little bit of acting skill to add some entertainment to the routine.

Method :Start by explaining how you dabble in levitation and are starting to have some mild success with levitating small objects

Announce that you would like to try and levitate a dinner roll and continue as follows.

Place the bread roll in front of you between your knife and fork on the table.

Cover the roll and cutlery with the cloth napkin.

Pick up the napkin by the two corners that are nearest you and lift the napkin a little.

At the same time as you grab the napkin corner nearest your fork, also grab the fork pinching it between your finger and thumb and the underside of the napkin ( this move should be hidden from your spectators )

Carefully pierce the bread roll with the fork and use the fork to lever the roll against the napkin.

Lever the fork handle up and down and side to side under the napkin and it should look as if the bread roll is levitating under the napkin.

If you are bold enough you can even show some of the roll popping up above the napkin or at the side of it, taking care not to reveal the fork.

After a little while pluck the roll off the fork and replace it on the table.

Put down the napkin on the table and carefully replace the fork as near as possible to its original position.

After a little practice, this trick can leave your audience thoroughly baffled as to how you performed this.

The video above shows the performance and follows with a tutorial.

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