Rattle Snake Trick

Mind challenge magic trick where a spectator is challenged to guess which one of two match boxes is the empty one. They get it wrong every time !

Effect:A Two match boxes are opened to show the spectator. It can clearly be seen that one matchbox is full of matches and the other box is empty.

The boxes are closed and slowly mopved back and forward on the table. The spectator is then asked to point out the empty matchbox. The chosen box is picked up and shaken to reveal the sound of the matches, inside being shaken around. " Sorry, wrong choice ! "

This trick is a very convincing effect and is surprisingly easy to perform. The spectator seems unable to guess the correct matchbox.

The magic instruction video below here shows the performance of the magic trick and then follows with an explanation of how to do the trick.

You will find many other card and mind magic tricks within these pages of varying degrees of difficulty.

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