Impossible Balance

Impossible  Deck Balance

A brilliantly simple to do but very impressive card trick where a deck of cards balances in a seemingly impossible position.

This stunning trick with a deck of cards looks absolutely amazing. A deck of playing cards is carefully placed lengthwise on the fingertips of the magician's outstretched hand 

This is an amazingly impressive card trick to show your friends and needs only a simple set up and a little practice before you will be able to perform this cool balancing act. The video below, shows the magic stunt in action and then shows you the clever secret to enable you to perform this incredible looking balance. It's amazing that such a simple secret can enable such a great looking illusion like this.

.The deck is then seen to be balancing precariously in mid air with only a small portion of the deck actually touching the magicians hand. All logic and your brain keeps telling you that the deck should fall on the table, as it appears to be defying the law of gravity. 

Highlights :

Can be performed almost anywhere there are some easily available items around. Good ice breaker for a bar. The little preparation that is needed to perform this entertaining card magic is time well spent as this trick can look really baffling to your audience.

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