Cigarette Trick

There are a number of tricks, involving cigarettes. This is a clever trick  that does not require you to smoke and where you can challenge your friends that you will be able to bend a cigarette in two, so that the ends touch, without breaking the cigarette.

Challenge: Bend a cigarette in two so that both ends touch, then straighten out the cigarette, leaving it whole and unbroken.

You Will Need: A cigarette and a money note.

Secret: Roll the cigarette up tightly in the money note. You can then bend the cigarette so that both ends touch.  The cigarette, still in the note can then be straightened and the note unravelled to reveal the cigarette which  should  be whole and unbroken. The cigarette can then be passed around for examination.

Make challenge, then produce note and cigarette.1) Get money and cigarette 
Roll the cigarette tightly in the note.
2) Roll tightly in the note.
Bend the note back on itself so that the ends touch. Do this in one direction and then the other.3) Bend note double, both ways
Note is unravelled to show the cigarette is still whole.
 4) Unfold note, cigarette is whole.

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