Money Bill Switch

Amazing free magic lesson where two different money bills are seen to swap positions in a seemingly impossible move.

Effect: Two different money bills are placed one on top of each other, the bills are then rolled up together and the spectator pins each note to the table with their fingertips to ensure the bills cannot move. When the bills are then unrolled a seemingly impossible switch of places has occurred.

Watch this cool magic trick being performed in the video demonstration below, then learn how to perform the magic trick in the free lesson that follows.

You Need: Two different money bills and an audience.

How It's Done: You will see the easy explanation and method in the video. This cool stunt is easy to do but like all tricks, a little practice makes perfect. Also you can enhance this close up magic stunt by adding some entertaining patter of your own.

The beauty of this sleight is that it requires no set up and very little equipment and can be performed almost anywhere.

Another good point to this performance is that you are getting your audience involved with the trick which really adds to the entertainment value. This type of trick is good for restaurant table magicians who use a lot of close up magic tricks. It might be equally suited for use by a wedding magician or birthday party magician.

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