The Jumping Rings

How this exciting powerful free magic trick looks to the audience:( See diagram at the bottom of this page )

The magician holds a rope between his hands. There are three knots tied on it, and on the center knot is tied to a wire hanger.  The magician says a magic word and FLASH , right before everyone's eyes, the hanger jumps from the center knot to the right knot!

How this free magic trickis done (don't tell anyone!):

Use a strong piece of rope, about 3' long. It should be about ¼" thick. Take a look at  the drawing below these instructions. It shows 4 knots on the rope.

Knots B, C and D are regular knots. The hanger is tied to knot C. But knot A isn't a regular knot, it is a "slip knot." It looks pretty much like the others, but when pulled by the ends of the rope, comes undone.

What to do :

Begin the trickwith knot D covered by your right hand. Hold the rope so that knots A, B, and C are showing.

Say: "Here we have three knots. Notice that a hanger is tied onto the end knot. But watch … Abracadabra!"

Now, do two things :

First : Pull the rope very tight between your hands. This will cause the slipknot (A) to come undone. It seems to disappear.

Second: Pull the rope again with the left hand. Slide knot D from your right hand . When you do this fast, it looks to the audience as if the hanger has jumped from the end knot to the center knot.

Practice, practice, practice … try it in front of a mirror, then when you can do it fast and smoothly, try it in front of your friends and family. It's a great trick. This trick can easily be done by using a ring and some string.

Jumping ring magic trick picture.

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