Indestructible Money Bill Trick

A money bill is visibly seen to be speared right through its center but on examination immediately after this, it is found to be unharmed. Visually baffling impromptu magic trick explained.

Effect:A money bill is openly presented to the audience and then folded. A square of paper is attached to the bill and both are folded together to form a pouch. A pen is placed in the center of the pouch and pierced straight through it. This all happens right in front of your audience. the pen is removed and on examining the bill, it is found to be totally undamaged ???

This trick is a very convincing effect and is surprisingly easy to perform.

The magic instruction video below here shows the performance of the magic trick and then follows with an explanation of how to do the trick.

There are a few tips to enhance your performance listed after the magic instruction video.

Tips and Hints :

Watch your angles, so that your audience do not see that the pen has been placed between the bill and the paper. Practice in front of a mirror to perfect the angles.

A little bit of entertaining patter will enhance this trick and indeed most tricks. It will give them a more memorable appeal.

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