Hypercard Card Illusion
Hypercard Card Illusion
A Hypercard illusion is a very puzzling piece of origami style trickery, to sculpt a seemingly impossible card object. Baffling to look at yet quite easy to make for yourself.
The Hypercard as you can see, seems to defy logic and can really baffle your onlookers.

The impact is even more impressive as you can make one of these incredible paper sculptures in just a few moments, right in front of your audience.
All you will need is a playing card and a pair of scissors.

There are three cuts required to be made in the card, the first of which is shown here on the left.

Make the cut, a little way into the right side of the card. Cut up as far as the center.
Make a second cut over on the left hand side of the card. Again cut up as far as the center.

Take care when using scissors, the cutting parts are best left to an adult to do.
Now, turn the card over and make a final cut in the middle of the edge of the card. 

As before cut through to the center of the card.
Still holding the card, fold up the bottom right hand portion of the card and align it with the top edge as shown in the photo above.

Make a little crease along the center fold.
Now fold the bottom left hand portion of the pack away from you and push it up till it meets the top edge of the card ( on the side of the card that is facing away from you ).

Again make a little crease in the middle portion of the card. This portiion to be creased is shown by the lower thumb in the photo above.
You can now proceed to untwist your new masterpiece carefully until it resembles something like the photo above. 

You can now place the hypercard on a flat surface.
Make sure that you have properly unfolded the card and that it is lying as flat as possible on the surface where it is to be displayed.

Your object of wonderment can now be displayed to the amusement of onlookers who, unless they pick up the card and twist around with it, should be really baffled as to how such an impossible object was made.
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