Ultimate Sushi

This Is A Great Impromptu Trick That Can Really Shock Your Buddies.

Effect:Walking casually into a bar or restaurant which contains a gold fish bowl or aquarium. you casually roll up your sleeve, plunge your arm into the bowl, scoop out a goldfish and cram it into your mouth, which you appear to munch on ravenously, crunching bones as well to the shock and horror of your onlookers.

Materials required:A carrot and a kitchen knife.

Method:To prepare for this trick you need to cut out a goldfish shape from a slice of carrot, taking care with the knife. ( You didn't think you were going to use a real goldfish did you!!). Don't worry about getting the shape exactly right, as the first time your audience will get a glance of it, it will already be halfway inside your mouth.

Keep the fish shaped carrot hidden in your hand just before performing the trick, then perform as above. The raw carrot will make a crunching sound when you chew it, adding to the realism and gore effect

Goldfish shape carved from a carrot.1) Goldfish carved from a carrot.
I think I will order medium rare, next time.

2) Wow, this tastes really fresh!!!

Note:This trick works on shock value and depends on your acting ability as you gleefully appear to be chomping on this poor helpless creature. Remember to explain to your friends that you were only joking before they abandon you in disgust

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