Elbow Coin Vanish

A coin is seen to be rubbed into your elbow and made to completely vanish into thin air. Learn the secret to this easy to do coin vanish trick.

The elbow coin vanish coin trick is one of the oldest popular coin tricks around. It is still a great trick to learn as it can be performed competently with just a little practice. The magic instruction video below shows the coin trick being performed which is followed by an explanation of the simple but clever secret.

Take a little time to perfect the sleight of hand required when appearing to transfer the coin from hand to hand and you will have another great easy magic trick to add to your collection.

This close up trick can be helped along by the magician chatting to the audience members and making eye contact with them during the performance. This will help to draw some of their attention away from your sleight of hand as they feel obliged to be listening to what you are saying.

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