Easy Card Levitation

Learn to appear to levitate a card, right in front of your spectator. Visually amazing trick

The card levitation trick is a stunning rising card sleight which is relatively easy to learn. It requires a little practice to bring it up to speed and to polish your performance but the time invested is well worth it as it looks amazing and can really impress your audience.

A card is clearly shown on both sides to your spectator. The card then appears to float in mid air before being quickly grabbed by the magician.

This easy levitation looks stunning and beyond explanation as the card was right in front of them all the time.This stunt goes to prove that an easy trick, performed well can be very effective at impressing your audience.

This great sleight requires only a playing card and is a useful sleight in close up magic and street magic.

The sleight can also be incorporated into many magician routines.

If you enjoy magic tricks such as those performed by great street magicians such as Dynamo and David Blaine then this will give you a very small slice of magic instruction to get you started. Magic is both great to watch and can also make a fun and interesting hobby.  

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