Easy Card Control 

Very Useful Easy To Do Card Control Trick That Can Be Incorporated Into Many Card Trick Routines

Effect : Your spectator is invited to choose any card from within the deck held out in the magicians hands. The card is then memorized and inserted anywhere into the center of the deck by the spectator. A little sprinkle of magic and SHAZAAAM !!!, the card is seen to have magically returned to the top of the deck.

The concept of this trick is relatively simple but it has a really impressive effect on the audience as they think that they have witnessed a seemingly impossible effect.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so the performance and tutorial for this magical sleight of hand are explained in the video below.

Tip: As always, a little practice before you start performing this trick in front of an audience will help you to perform the trick more smoothly and confidently.. This sleight is a very good option to incorporate into many tricks such as an Ambitious Card Routine.

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