Dracula Rising Levitation 

Effect:The spectators are called into a darkened room, only to witness the magician in a catatonic trance, "come no further"!! he shouts, and the spectators witness him convulse and slowly begin to rise off the ground. He hovers for what seems like an eternity and then slowly descends.

Preparation:It's all a trick played by the lights as the spectators come into the room. Have a box hidden underneath a darkened bed sheet and make sure the room is as dimly lit as you can get it.

Once the spectators come in, they will see your shadowy figure, but nothing too clearly. You just rise up on the box in a slow fashion and from the spectators point of view, they will just see you rising above floor level. Make sure your room is very dark and dont give your spectators long enough to adjust to the light.

Bat image

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