Double Strike Match

A cool pub trick where you fool your mates with your magic powers. This match stick trick looks like real magic.

Effect :A match is removed from its box, struck and lit. The match is put out and you are immediately able to strike the match again and it relights a second time. This magic trick looks stunning as your audience are not expecting the result and it usually gets a great reaction from your mates.

You Need:A box or book of matches and a black felt tipped pen such as a Sharpie.

How It's Done:Prepare for this cool pub trick as shown in the video below. Practice this match stick trick a few times until you are confident and can perform the trick smoothly

Tips: Take care when using matches and make sure that the match is properly extinguished before you throw it away

This is a cool trick to try out in a pub or bar as there are usually smokers in the crowd and matches are usually readily at hand. Maybe try out this trick as a betcha trick and try to win some beers of your mates. Good luck !!

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