Cool As Ice Magic Trick

This trick is so easy, you may think its not convincing. Don't believe it, it works a treat.

This trick is best done at a party where the props are available.

The Secret: You need a cup or glass that you can't see through. You also need a small sponge and an ice cube.

Preparation: Prepare the cup by placing the sponge into the bottom of the cup. Then, drop an ice cube into the bottom and you're all set.

To Perform: Pour a small amount of water (about an ounce) into the cup. The sponge absorbs the water. Blow into the cup, wave your hands over it and dump out the cube.

Ta-da! A miracle!

(If you use a paper cup, just crumble it up and throw it in the trash after performing the trick. This will save the onlookers from inspecting inside the cup.)

This trick is very visual and can really entertain a crowd.

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