Penny Prediction

Effect :- 
A hat or bag containing ten pennies ( quarters will work, just as well ) is passed to the audience. They are asked to examine the coins to confirm that the coins have different dates.

A member of the audience is asked to choose a coin at random and pass this around for the other members to see.

The coin is then placed back in the hat with the other coins and the hat is then presented to the magician. Eyes closed and appearing to be concentrating deeply, the magician puts his hand in the hat and retrieves the chosen coin.

This is an impressive mind reading style trick.

Items Needed :-10 pennies or quarters with different dates on each, a hat or paper bag.

Secret :-There is no secret setup. There is no force of which coin to chose. The trick is reasonably simple if you think about it.

As the coin is passed through the people's hands, it becomes warmer than the rest.

So, all you have to do when you put your hand into the hat is find the coin that is the warm one. A paper bag will do just as good as a hat.

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