Cool Card In Pocket Magic Card Trick


Card in Pocket

Effect: This is a stunning performance, but you will laugh once you know how easy it is. In this trick, you take out a normal deck of cards and tell one of the members of the audience to make a cut in the deck. Taking the "cut" part, the spectator is to flip it upside-down and place it back on the deck.

You tell the spectator to cut once more, more deeply into the deck. Again, you tell him or her to turn the "cut" upside-down and place it back on the deck.

You then show them the first face down card that they cut to. You give the deck to them to shuffle. When they are done shuffling, you take the deck and put it into your jacket pocket. You ask them what their card is. Pretend they say, "six of hearts" You reach into your pocket and pull out the six of hearts!

Items Needed For Trick:You need two decks of identical cards.

Secret Set Up And Performance: Before the show, put whatever card you want them to pick in the small pocket inside your coat and take another identical deck out and place the identical card on top of the deck. Simply do the cuts mentioned above and this naturally forces the card to be chosen.

You let the spectator shuffle the cards as much as you like and stick it into the big pocket in your coat. Ask what card was theirs and reach into the little pocket and pull out their card. What I mean by, big pocket and little pocket, is most jackets have two pockets on the inside.

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