Swindled Coin Trick

Effect:  Excellent coin trick where the magician removes a hand full of coins from his left pants pocket.

He then holds out the handful of coins and a black marker pen, in front of the spectator. He then tells the spectator to choose a coin and to mark the coin with an
X and  then return it to the magicians left palm.

he magician then  appears to take the spectator's coin with his right hand and returns the rest of the change to his left pocket.

The coin is then placed against the leg directly below the pocket. The coin is then rubbed into the cloth, whereupon the coin vanishes.  It is then found back inside the magicians pocket with the rest of the change.

Method:  After the spectator marks the coin, the right hand " pretends " to take it. In reality the right hand is covering it up with another coin. Hold your hand in the air as if you have the coin.

Hesitate for a second with your left hand so that the spectator can see that the marked coin is not in your left hand anymore ( this way the spectator mentally concludes that the marked coin must be in your right hand ). Place the rest of the change back into your pocket.

Take the right hand and its supposed coin and place it against your leg, in the area of the left pocket.

Now rub the imaginary coin into your leg. Then slowly part your right fingers to show that the coin has vanished.

Reach into your left pocket and pull out the coins, ask the person what kind of coin they chose. They might say a quarter.

Then go through the coins and find the marked coin, put it on top of the pile and show the spectators.

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