Static Cigarette Trick

Simple fun trick using a straw or cigarette to fool your pals.

Lay a cigarette on a table and then explain to the people around the table about the art of static electricity.
Pull up your sleeve and rub your forearm vigorously.

Then, putting your fingertips on the far side of the cigarette, pull your fingers slowly away from the cigarette.
The cigarette will follow your fingers like a magnet.

No one will be able to do the the trick, I've even had someone ask me if I could make it come toward me. This can be done by cupping your hand slightly in front of the cigarette and the cigarette will come towards you.

Method: :The trick is to blow slightly in front of the cigarette if you wish it to go away from you, following your hand.
If you wish it to come towards you, cup your hand slightly and blow on your hand while bringing it towards you on the table. The hand will reflect the air onto the cigarette which will come towards you .

This simple trick will fool many an adult. Do not be afraid of them discovering you blowing as they will be concentrating on the electric action on the table.

The noise in the bar should make sure they do not hear you blowing.

Please practice this fun trick before trying it on your friends.

Rub finger on arm to give the impression of charging it with electricity.
1)"Charge" finger on arm.
Hold finger above cigarette, blow gently and move finger forward, ahead of the cigarette.
  2) Cigarette follows finger
Cup hand in front of cigarette and blow gently into hand which should make the cigarette come back to you.
3) Cigarette is waved back.

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