Cigarette Through Coin Magic Trick

David Blaine along with other great modern street magicians, has performed this impressive money trick where a cigarette or rolled up money bill appears to go right through a quarter.

This trick uses a very ingenious coin gimmick where the middle of the coin,  opens just enough to let the cigarette or money bill pass through and then closes so that the hole is practically invisible to your audience.

The gimmicked coin is then secretely swapped with a normal coin which is then given to your to examine.

This coin is available through good magic suppliers and is a great addition to any magicians collection.

Coin through cigarette trick image.

This is a gimmick that can be used for impromptu magic and is very light and portable. Can be used as a bar trick where the items needed are usually readily available.

The trick should only be shown once to your spectators, as repeat showings can leave them examining the coin very closely.

An alternative way is to make your own simplified coin gimmick simply by taking a regular quarter and drilling a hole through it. Begin with the gimmicked quarter in the Classic Palm position. Take a regular quarter and show it to the audience, when you get the quarter back, secretly exchange the two quarters in your hand. When pushing the cigarette through the quarter, make sure the quarter is facing your audience in a way that does not reveal the hole. Once you are done with the trick, again secretly exchange the real quarter back into your visible hand and hide the gimmicked one.

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