Card Balance

Amazing free card balancing stunt. Credit your finely honed senses with magically balancing a glass of water on a playing card .

Effect: A playing card is shown to the spectator and is placed up

right on a table, with the short edge of the card facing upwards.

You then proceed to balance a glass of water ON THE EDGE !! of the card. Watch the video below to view the performance and learn the secret to this cool magic card balance trick.

Y ou Need: A deck of cards, paper glue or double sided sticky tape.

How It's Done: Prepare your gimmicked cards as follows.

Glue a second card to the back of the front card, making sure that you only glue or stick half the card ( lengthwise ) together. This should allow one lengthwise edge of the second card to be pulled back to form a "T" shape when required and support the glass.

Tips: Practice this trick with a plastic tumbler or glass until you can perform it confidently and know how much weight, the cards can hold when you transfer the balance of weight of the glass to it.

You can strengthen the gimmicked cards by gluing two cards completely together and then half gluing a third card to the back of them, this will give the gimmick a little more rigidity.

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