Cool Card Bending

A convincing illusion where a card is seen to bend, apparently controlled by your telekinetic powers.

You Will Need: A pack of playing cards ( cheap cards sometimes work best)

  • Glass of water
  • To practice your acting skills


This is a great impromptu magic trick that can be performed at a moments notice and requires the minimum of prop .

While in a group of friends enjoying some refreshments, casually rub some water on the back of your hand.

Then get your friends attention and announce that you are going to cause a card to bend, solely by using your telekinetic powers.

( This is where a fair bit of acting and blah! blah! comes in handy to add entertainment value to the stunt.)

Take a playing card and place it on the back of your hand ( the one that has secretly had water rubbed on it )

Gently press the card, flat onto your hand which should be held horizontally.

Next, remove the other hand and appear to be concentrating intensely and focusing your psychic powers on the card.

The card will be seen to bend without any interaction or anything touching it. This looks amazing and you can claim it has been bent by your telekinetic energy.

Apply water to back of hand.
Press card onto back of hand.
Squeeze ends to emphasise bend.
Discretely apply water to the back of your hand
Press card gently to exaggerate bend.
Press card onto back of hand.

This magic trick is enhanced greatly by your performance and patter. The card will bend automatically as it absorbs some of the water, hence cheap cards are normally more porous as they are normally less laminated.

The bend in the card can be increased by picking up the card lengthwise and carefully squeezing it gently which makes the trick more convincing.

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