Card Sleights

Card sleights are very useful moves used to assist a magician to perform a card trick. The noun sleight refers to cunning or cleverness so together with a little misdirection these moves can help a trick achieve a very powerful effect.

Some sleights require greater hand dexterity than other but this page shows the workings of a few popular easy ones that when combined with a little practice will help you to achieve some spectacular magic effects.

Double Lift

This is one of the most useful moves that the aspiring card magician can learn.
Start by holding the deck in the left hand as shown in (photo:1). The fingers of the right hand, should be holding the top edge of the deck lightly and the thumb of the right hand, should be resting at the bottom left corner.

Try tilting the deck so that when you look down that your are able to see the cards under the thumb.

The right thumb then  lifts the edges of the top cards allowing all but two cards to fall back onto the deck as shown in ( photo 2 ).

The right thumb now presses forward on these two cards so they press lightly against the right fingers and the thumb and fingers can lift the two cards free of the rest of the deck as in ( photo 3 )

If the right thumb and fingers squeeze the two cards lightly, maintaining a slight bend, the two will stick together as if they were only one card.
There are many ways of performing a double lift and it is one of the most handy and commonly used card sleights. Practice this gem of a move until you get it perfect. You will reap the rewards many times over during your magic career.

Hold deck in your left hand, with the tips of your fingers resting on top right edge and the base of thumb resting on bottom left edge of deck.
Turn up one edge of the top two cards with the thumb of your right hand.
Lift the top two cards from the pack, making sure that they stick together, looking like only one..

How To Palm A Card

Make sure that before performing this trick, that the card to be palmed is at the top of the pack.

The deck should be held as demonstrated in  Photo:1 shown below.

Using your other free hand, bring your palm face down over the pack of cards, cradling them so it looks like you are merely just squaring up the deck. Take care to keep the fingers and thumb of your free hand closely together and gently squeeze the top card so that its top edge is pressing against the first joint of your fingers and the bottom corner is wedged against the fleshy base of your thumb. Photo:2

Keeping fingers and thumb close together, keep a slight bend on the card and stealthily remove your hand away from the spectators view. Photo:3

As long as the palm of the hand is not in view , this sleight will look completely natural and unsuspicious as it is not in an obvious gripping position or clenched fist.

Hold deck in left hand as shown in photo Photo 1
Place palm of other hand on top card and squeeze gently.Photo 2
Place palm of other hand on top card and squeeze gently.Photo 3

Easy Method Of Forcing a Card

Riffle Force :This is an easy to do method of forcing a card and the basis of many easy card magic tricks.

You can learn this sleight of hand quickly and it looks very believable to your audience. The secret is explained in this magic video tutorial.

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