Card Sleights

Card sleights are very useful moves used to assist a magician to perform a card trick. The noun sleight refers to cunning or cleverness so together with a little misdirection these moves can help a trick achieve a very powerful effect.

Double Lift

This is one of the most useful moves that the aspiring card magician can learn.

How To Palm A Card

The card palm is another very useful slate that is used in hundreds of card tricks.

Easy Method Of Forcing a Card

Riffle Force :This is an easy to do method of forcing a card and the basis of many easy card magic tricks. You can learn this sleight of hand quickly and it looks very believable to your audience. The secret is explained in this magic video tutorial.

Do A Riffle Shuffle

If the bottom cards are to be kept in position then they are allowed to fall from the left hand in the first movement of the shuffle. The deck is split into two packets, the ends put together, the cards being bent upwards and released in such a way that they become interlaced. To keep a card or a small number of cards on the top of the pack, you have simply to release it or them from the right hand portion of cards, last of all.
Riffle Shuffle alternative method of shuffling.

Card Vanish And Production

A card is presented in the magician's hand and vanishes right in front of your eyes. Even more amazing, is that the card appears again as quickly as it disappeared. This move requires a lot of practice but can be incorporated into many card tricks and your practice in perfecting the move will be well rewarded with smoother showmanship. The video below shows the performance and the secret.

This video shows a convincing card change with the use of a simple slide trick.

You can learn about card sleights by viewing some good quality learning card tricks DVD's which are a good way to learn card sleights by watching close up videos of professional hands performing popular sleights, accompanied by a clear explanation which are available from most good magic shops.

How To Spin A Card

Playing card spinning in hand.

Being able to spin a card in your hands looks really impressive.

This link will take you to our magic tutorial page to learn the basics of this amazing stunt.

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