Pint Glass Trick

This is best done in a pub where you will find all of the bar related items that you need to do this amazing trick.

You Will Need:
1 table ( try to make sure that you use a table that's quite steady and is fairly level.)
1 Large beer glass (a glass that is half full will help you balance the glass easier)
1 match
1 beer mat
1 set of half drunk mates and preferably a pub

Lets start the trick by placing the beer mat on the table and then put the match on the table along the left hand side of the beer mat.

Now, place the pint to the left of the match and, while keeping part of the glass touching the table, tilt the glass to the left.

At the same time that you are tilting the glass, push the beermat (and match ) using your right hand under the beer glass until the match touches the base of the glass.
Now holding the beer mat in place, tilt the glass back and forth until it balances against the match without having to hold it (this takes a little bit of practice to perfect).
Now you can pull the beer mat away with your right hand and wave it under the beer glass which appears to be balancing all on its own....this looks amazing to your onlookers.

You can help yourself make this trick easier by wetting the bottom of the beer glass. You should then ffind that the match will stick to it and you should be able to lift it up and the match will come up with it. Be careful that you dont have a potential hot date sitting at the open end of the glass or your chances of impressing them will be scuppered if the glass tips over.

Tip: Try to make sure that your mates are not touching the table when you perform this trick as even a slight movement of the table can cause the glass to spill.

Image showing correct position of beer glass trick set up.

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