Everlasting Ash Cigarette Trick

Learn this amazing cigarette bar trick where a cigarette is seen to burn right down to the filter without losing its ash.

This bar trick is a good betcha trick where you can challenge your friends that you can let a cigarette burn down its length without its ash falling off. This of course should sound impossible and they would probably accept the challenge. This would hopefully win you a free drink from them.

It is not necessary to smoke the cigarette to perform this challenge, it will work just as well, leaving the cigarette suspended at the side of an ashtray

The tutorial video below shows the trick being performed and then reveals the easy secret.

Remember to use an all metal paperclip and not a plastic covered one as the plastic can release poisonous fumes which should not be inhaled.

This cigarette bar trick requires only an all metal paperclip which is very portable making this a useful impromptu bar trick

If you enjoy bar tricks such as the one above, you will find many more listed in the bar tricks section of this website.  

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