All The Aces Trick

An easy card cut trick where your spectator cuts the deck into several piles, only to find that the aces have magically risen to the top of each pile.

Preparation:Before performing this magic trick, remove the four aces from the deck and place them on the top of the deck.

Method:To begin the trick, you, the magician, ask your spectator to divide the deck into four equal piles by dropping cards off the bottom of the deck.

Keep your eye on the pile that contains the four aces. It may be either on the left side or on the right side. Next, ask your spectator to pick up a non-ace pile and hold it in their hand. Ask them to take 3 cards from the top of the pile and place them on the bottom. Next, ask them to take another 3 cards from the top of the pile and place them one on each on the top of each of the other piles.

Now, ask your spectator to repeat the same procedure for next two non-ace piles.

Finally you ask them to do carry out the same procedure for the pile that contains the aces. Now invite them to turn over the top card from each pile. Amazingly, the top cards should be the four aces !!!

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