Iphone Card Trick

This is a stunning magic routine which combines magic with one of the most up to date pieces of technology around today.

The Effect

The magician shows the spectator, pictures of piles of cards on the iphone screen. Once the spectator has chosen a card, which they memorize and keep to themselves, the screen then changes to show a single folded card.

The magician then proceeds to reach out their hand and pluck the folded card out of the iphone and into their hand. The sight of the card disappearing from the screen at the same moment as it physically appears in their hand looks absolutely amazing and can really baffle the audience.

The explanation and video below will show you the trick being performed and offer an explanation on how to perform the trick.


This powerful trick requires an iphone and a basic working knowledge of Photoshop or similar imaging program. You will need to make a sideshow consisting of a few piles of cards but which show only one whole card in the slides.

This whole card will be the same on in the different slides but if arranged correctly, the audience will not be aware of this. The final slide should show a single folded card which when plucked out from the phone will be seen to be the audiences secretly chosen card.

The video explains the workings more clearly.

Some practice of the timings of the slide show and presentation skills are required but the result when this trick is performed correctly, make it well worth the effort.

P.S.With the many pieces of software available today, the trick should be able to be performed on a lot of android phones as well.

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