Head Banger Trick

Your spectator freely selects a card from the deck, memorizes it and replaces it at the bottom of the deck. The spectator then places the deck back in it's packet. The magician then reveals the card in their own crazy style ???

Performance : The deck of cards is openly shown to be completely normal. The cards are spread out face down and the spectator is asked to freely choose any card that they wish. The value of the card is kept hidden from the magician. The card is then reinserted back on the bottom of the pack by the spectator who then places the deck of cards back inside their packet.

The magician then chatters on about how they will use some head banging magic ( good opportunity for you to improvise on your patter here. ) to find the card. The magician then taps the closed packet of cards a few times against his forehead and then amazingly announces the spectator's chosen card ???

How To Do this Trick

Prepare card packet by cutting a small square from the bottom corner of the back of the packet.

Magician presents cards for spectator to choose one.

Show pack of cards to spectator and invite them to choose a card

Spectator memorizes card and places back on bottom of pack.

Spectator asked to memorize card and place it back on the bottomof the deck.

Cards are placed back inside the packet

Spectator then places deck of cards back in their packet. Make sure that they do not see the other side of the packet.

Head banger move allowing magician to view the spectator's card.

Magician takes pack and taps it a few times against their fore head before spectacularly announcing the hidden card !

Magician's view of the card packet.

The secret ? Here's the magician's view of the card packet. The corner reveals the spectator's chosen card on the bottom of the pack.

Tips: Make sure that the spectator places the cards back in the empty card packet face down.

Hand them the card packet front side up, or even better hold out the empty packet in your hand and let them put the cards back in while you continue holding the packet. ( This reduces the risk of them viewing the hole at the back of the packet. )

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