Easy False Cut Tutorial

Learn this powerful card sleight, performed casually and is a convincing effect

False cuts are used widely in card tricks to convince the spectator that the cards are thoroughly mixed..

There are various methods of doing a false cut. This one is great for beginners.

The pack of cards is seen to be cut and top half changed with the bottom half ( to the untrained eye) !!

Cutting the cards can add credibility to a trick by appearing to strengthen the fact that the cards are not in a fixed order.

Learn how to do this cool magic trick sleight by watching the free magic trick video tutorial from Jarek i20's Youtube channel on this page. It shows the false cut being performed which is followed by the steps and timing required to do the sleight.

This looks a very simple way to perform the sleight but paying attention to the timing and angles can really add to its effectiveness in convincing your audience that the order of the cards in the deck have actually change.

These subtle little pieces of attention to detail are what make the difference between an OK performance and a great performance.

The false cut along with the double lift and a few other popular sleights are moves that are used in a great variety of card tricks. They are worth spending some time practicing until you can do them smoothly as you will reap the benefit of them in many other of your card magician routines.

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