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Classic Palm Coin Sleight
The Classic Palm will allow the magician to secretly hold a coin in their hand, while giving the appearance that the hand is empty. The Fingers are seen to move naturally and the hand can function quite normally, despite having a coin held in in position.

There is an area at the base of your palm that is able to grip and hold a coin in place when the hand muscles are flexed.

The classic palm sleight is performed as follows:

The coin that is to be palmed is usually resting on the fingertips, on the fore and middle finger of the hand (Fig:1) This position is quite flexible and will allow the coin to be easily maneuvered as you curl the two fingers into your palm or turn your hand palm downwards after curling the fingers to make a clenched fist. ( Fig:2)

At this point, the coin is then pressed into the palm of the hand. Try and keep the thumb and forefinger touching as this will prevent your thumb from sticking out, which would make it obvious that your are concealing a coin in the hand. (Fig: 3)
1) Coin is balanced on fingers
2) Fingers close into palm.
3) Coin is held in palm position.
4) Hand looks natural from above.

Here is a video demonstration
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